Alice in The Wildlands – Character Design Challenge

Space Groovy Pirate – Character Design Challenge

Eel syren

Deer Goddes

Samurai Boy – Character Design Challenge

Lobster man

S. BerDragon – studies for Character Design Challenge

Chinese Lantern

Characters Reel – Shadow Foo (animated short)

Rita – Shadow Foo

Leno – Shadow Foo

Ludo – Shadow Foo

Ciabo – Shadow Foo

Ryley – Shadow Foo

Protagonist – Lents (discarded project)

Laila – Lents (discarded project)

Turnarund studies – 1'year project

Walter White in Bojack the Horseman style

Character Design


  • Lyrin Lane is my stage name.

  • “Shadow Foo” is an animated short, the final project for the 3rd year of animation class – Acca Academy, 2017.

  • The Character Design Challenge (or CDChallenge) is an international community of artists of different skill levels and styles who share common goals: improve and learn from each other, promote their work online and having fun designing characters together. Once a month the members gather on a Facebook Group to challenge each other in a contest. The finest designs win the challenge and a new theme is announced on the 7th day of each month. The contest is open exclusively to 2D artworks, created both digitally or traditionally.